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“Let’s Talk Trash”


As many know, illegal dumping has been a problem on our mountain for quite some time. Snow-time is a calling to our dear flatlander visitors to come up and play. Our communities benefit from these visitors; however, after a weekend of fun and games, we have all seen the unsightly broken sleds, dirty diapers, bottles and cans left strewn along the roadside. Let’s not fool ourselves, mountain residents are also to blame for disposing of trash illegally even though there are multiple options for doing so in an environmentally safe and legal manner.

Mountain disposal (Burrtec) offers curbside trash services and Clean Mountain (CM) site services. The County has an exemption process for use of the dump and recently the County has provided communities with large trash containers for visitors along the state highways.

There are 6 trash drop off CM sites on the mountain afforded to mountain residents. Some are per County contract, and one or more are a courtesy offered by Burrtec. The CM sites are beneficial to many who cannot or do not want curbside service or for those who do not wish to drive to a transfer station (aka the Dump) such as Heap’s Peak

Last summer, Burrtec made a business decision to close at least one CM Site and Green Valley Lake (GVL) was on the chopping block. The community responded overwhelmingly to this decision, so a meeting was held with Burrtec management, County Waste Department, and representatives from San Bernardino County Supervisor Janet Rutherford’s office. During this community meeting, Burrtec made it quite clear that they wanted to close the site regardless of the position of GVL’s residents. However, after much pressing by the GVL community, the Vice President of Burrtec, Mike Arreguin, agreed to give GVL one year to work on reducing the illegal dumping issue while leaving the site open. The GVL community agreed that a representative “Trash Team” would work to reduce illegal dumping with a goal to meet the 1-year timeframe.

The GVL Trash Team studied illegal dumping at the CM site and implemented mitigation strategies to prevent further incidences. In addition, the Trash team continues to conduct site observations 2-3 times daily to identify and prevent further occurrences. Code Enforcement installed cameras along with a very large sign stating that illegal dumping may result in a fine of up to $10,000! As of February 2018, Burrtec sent the Trash Team a letter stating that since the GVL community has reduced and sustained reduction in illegal dumping at the CM site, therefore it will remain open indefinitely!

Burrtec recently sent out letters to mountain customers that they have retracted their courtesy waiver of service fees for those mountain property owners who rarely come up to their cabins. So sorry to you who don’t come up much, you must pay now. There still exists an exemption as dictated by SB County Code 33.0805, i.e. If you use the dump up here weekly, you do NOT have to pay Burrtec; however, there is a qualification process at the county. Unfortunately, this is not a very good option for part timers who aren’t up here weekly. This exemption currently remains the only valid means to avoid paying Burrtec fees. ???????? The application that explains it further can be found here: http://cms.sbcounty.gov/Portals/50/solidwaste/Exemption-Application.pdf

We all need to do our part to keep our mountain clean. How? Well I’m glad you asked!

DO NOT leave ANY items at your Clean Mountain drop off site UNLESS A BURRTEC WORKER IS OFFICIALLY THERE ON SITE. It’s as simple as that. Leaving even one bag of trash, bottles and cans at 7am because you can’t stick around for the 8am truck, is ILLEGAL and if you’re caught, you could face hefty fines. Animals don’t say, “Hey, it’s close enough to pick up time, we can’t touch that left-over food.” They start ripping the bags apart and eat. The wind helps strew the remainder or it becomes buried under the snow until the Spring melt. What a mess!

If you can’t get your trash to the CM lot while the Burrtec employee is on site: TAKE YOUR TRASH HOME WITH YOU! Don’t litter our mountain.

The county’s Solid Waste Management Dept web site says, in part:

Illegal dumping is a crime… if convicted you could lose your vehicle, do jail time and face fines.

  • To report illegal dumping in the unincorporated areas, contact County of San Bernardino Code Enforcement at (909) 884-4056.”
  • Call the Twin Peaks Sheriff dispatch at (909) 337-6131 or 911 if the scene appears dangerous or if illegal dumping is in progress, especially if a great amount is being dumped. Try to get a license plate# and violator description if possible. We’re not at all saying to risk your own safety, however. It is up to you how far you’d like to take it legally.
  • Alternatively, you may (even anonymously) call WeTip at: 1-800-78-CRIME.


Please keep in mind that Burrtec has a bulky item pick-up twice a year (at NO ADDITIONAL COST for curbside customers). Don’t dump washers, dryers, couches and other large items on the side of the road, simply call Burrtec at 909-338-2417 and arrange a pick-up date at the curb of your property or if you If use one of the Clean Mountain sites, Burrtec sends a truck to pick up those items from the drop off site for no extra charge.

Keeping our mountain clean is everyone’s responsibility.

For more information or to request a flyer on illegal dumping, feel free to email: GVLCleanMountainProject@gmail.com. Short term rental owners are especially encouraged to post a flyer for their renters to avoid trash being left unattended outside. We’ll even laminate a flyer for you, just ask! ?In the meantime, you can always print out Burrtec’s flyers at: http://www.burrtec.com/templates/files/city-of-san-bernardino-res-svcs-brochure-03-18.pdf and more specific to the mountain: http://www.burrtec.com/templates/files/sbc-mountain-04-18.pdf


-Ernie Poulan? GVL Trash Committee



As most of you know, Burrtec has threatened to close our Clean Mountain trash drop off site in which case you would either have to go on curb side collection or Charles Hoffman Elementary in Running Springs would be the closest location to drop off your trash. I can’t imagine how we’d do it in the snow with ski traffic in the winter! Burrtec has two trucks to come up then go back down. We would have potentially hundreds of cars adding to the ski traffic jam all day Saturday and Sundays especially if they make us go to Running Springs!

On July 22nd we held a meeting with the county Solid Waste, Code Enforcement and Burrtec officials. It was agreed that Burrtec would give us one more year to come up with solutions regarding our local trash site (aka Clean Mountain drop off site).

The contention is that the illegal dumping makes our little GVL community no longer worth it for Burrtec monetarily. We dispute their contract interpretation but that’s for a court to decide if we have to fight. The main thing is we’re trying to keep the lot open, mostly for part timers, though neighbors nearby the current site are fed up with the illegal dumping, noise etc. so it would be beneficial if anyone has other ideas for a different location and how to solve the illegal dumping issue. A community committee was formed from the July 22nd meeting and as agreed upon with Burrtec’s VP. You may note, since that meeting, there are a couple of cameras at the site. Those who put ANYTHING on that lot before or after the trash truck is onscene will very likely be fined for illegal dumping. It could be about $500 on upwards to $10,000 for larger amounts, so PLEASE DO NOT put ANYTHING on our roads, creeks, trash lot or anywhere else without the property owner’s permission. That is illegal dumping, a CRIME and it causes animals to make a mess of trash and an unsightly mess for your fellow stockholders to see/smell/deal with.
Attached please find a copy of the minutes from the first community meeting entitled GVL Trash Minutes, Aug 5th, 2017.

The skilled committee was formed for the community of GVL from volunteers who attended the July 22nd meeting to come up with a solution on the community’s behalf; however, we, of course, want your opinions/comments/suggestions. If you’d prefer not to let everyone see your name and comments in the format, feel free to send a PM on Nextdoor or FB to Kathy Benjamin or Ernie Poulin or you can email as above. Note that even though we’ve likely discussed some ideas you may have, you never know so, please comment. You might have the winning idea. And PLEASE DO NOT rudely criticize any other persons’ comments. Everyone has their right to their thoughts and opinions. We’re working together for the good of our community. We will come up with a plan and discuss it with you the shareholders, the county and with Burrtec and try to come to a resolution good for all.

Our second meeting (8/26/17) minutes are being processed now. We basically reviewed and discussed the items listed on the first minutes. Stand by for the update soon. This is for all of us in GVL so comments/suggestions are welcome. If you are on Nextdoor.com PLEASE comment under the thread there. If not, I’ll try to monitor this thread as well to bring ideas back to the committee.
Thank you!

Ernie Poulin

Summer Faires 2017

Spread the Word!!! Share our little piece of paradise with your friends and fans.

A Big Thank You from the MCA to all who helped put on the Summer Faires in the Garden this year – and a big Thank You to all who attended!!!
The winners of the Chili Cook-Off were Kalie Buchanan – First, Richard Steward – Second, and John Piscaterra – Third. All the entrees were great; the judges took almost an hour to pick the winners !!
The winner of the Quilt Raffle was Cindy Shepher, the Snow Valley Season Pass was won by Kathleen Smith, the Fishing Pass was won by Tracy Buchanan, and the Afgan by J.D. Jurentkuff. Congratulations !!
Our new shade structure “The Ironwerks” is a work of art – a big thanks goes out to Mark Nohr and Larry Lirette and Ric Buchanan for all their hard work. Be sure to check out our “mini Knotts Berryfarm” down at the Garden.
All the bands were GREAT this year – another big thank you to Vignes Rooftop Revival, Grits & Grady, Wake the Bard, and the Contra Band….
A big thanks to the Vendors – especially the”Loaded Buns” hamburger truck and Kona Ice. Alex did a hugh amount of work organizing.
We had to limit the Fairs to 5 this year, mainly due to our limited number of volunteers – if you would like to help out with the events in the Garden, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE contact Sandi at 909-867-7105.

CSA 79 Update

CSA 79 Update 10-14-2020

For those new to Green Valley Lake, a brief overview:? Our sewer system was built and is maintained by the County – a “Special District” called CSA 79 where your bill goes.? The actual sewage is treated by Running Springs Water under contract with CSA 79.? This “dual agency” set up has lead to problems over the years.? Recently, the 50 year contract with RS Water for treatment expired, and they wanted a substantial increase in the fee.? With no “stake” in the situation, the County management was willing just to pass on the increase to GVL residents with no negotiation with RS.? Arrowbear, which runs its own sewer system, in contrast, vigorously objected to the increase.? Ultimately, our CSA 79 Advisory Committee, working with the Supervisor’s office, was able to reach a negotiated settlement with RS Water.? The same situation occurred when new management of all the Special Districts hired an outside auditing firm which recommended large fee increases throughout the County.? Because of the public outcry across the County, rates are currently being kept at previous levels, but no one knows for how long.

Now for the current situation.? The GVL CSA 79 Advisory Board has been working for many years on a plan to unify the GVL sewer system with the Running Springs sewer system where all our sewage goes anyway.? There would be many advantages to a unification.? We are basically paying all the overhead costs twice:? maintenance, billing, personnel, etc.? The CSA maintenance crews and equipment come up from Victorville.? Running Springs crews are obviously right next door. Running Springs Water is run by a Board which is elected, so it is responsive to the concerns of the homeowners.
In any case, the plan is continuing to be negotiated between the County, Running Springs Water, and LAFCO (the agency which oversees these changes).? This unification plan does not effect the Fire Dept. or our GVL Water Company.? As it moves forward there will be Community Meetings to discuss the pros and cons, so we will try to keep everyone informed. If you have any questions, email me at wakethebard@gmail.com.

CSA 79 Update 4/3/19

An agreement has finally been reached between Running Springs Water and CSA 79 for a new ten year contract for sewer treatment. As you may remember, RS wanted to charge a flat rate to GVL based on number of connections;? we wanted to get the rate based on total flow. A compromise was worked out where our charge will be based on our percentage of the cost of the wastewater treatment.? Our percentage will be based on our actual flow, based on a 3 year average (recalculated annually).? The Advisory Board gave it’s OK, and it will go to the Supervisors.
This new contract may turn out to be temporary because the Consolidation Plan with Running Springs Sewer is moving forward.? LAFCO’s financial report was positive, and shows the plan would be mutually beneficial to both RS and GVL.? There are details to be worked out, but the plan is looking positive.

Any questions?? Send me an email: huckaby49@gmail.com.

CSA 79 Update 8/2/18

Edison damaged a section of sewer line near Blondies on Hwy 18.? Emergency repairs were made by 5:00am.? Spill (around 12,000 gallons) was minimized and sterilized.? The emergency overflow tanks installed 2 years ago at GVL Camp once again worked well.? Fee for 2018 will hold at the same level.? They are looking at a small increase for 2019/2020.? A new contract with Running Springs for treatment is being finalized – it puts us on a flat rate per EDU with a 27% overage charge – reduced from 30%.?? Study of unification with Running Springs sewer continues with LAFCO.? County Fire is proposing a $157. yearly fee per parcel.? Information will be mailed out soon.

CSA 79 Update 4/4/18

The annual SATURDAY meeting is set for JUNE 2nd at 10:30am at the GVL Church.? The new budget and rates will be discussed.? Our rates have been frozen pending the budget for the whole CSA system.? The County and LAFCO are proceeding with the study involving unification with Running Springs sewer; the money for the study has been allocated.? It was suggested that Running Springs be requested to submit an estimate of the rate GVL would be charged as well as a clarification of GVL representation on their board. This should be done before any Town Meeting or survey of residents.?? More info on this will be available on June 2nd.

ยืมเงินฉุกเฉิน 5000 ด่วน

CSA 79 Update 8/2/17

Progress continues on repairs – new system for lateral repairs is being used.? Budget and rate increase are still being worked on – current rates continue for a year while they work out the budget.? A formal, professional report on our I & I is being investigated as to cost – this will be valuable in negotiations with Running springs.? Arrowbear Water has formally refused to pay the Running Springs sewer rate increases.? County is still looking into our request of an audit of RS sewer, this may be part of LAFCO’s study. ? The LAFCO / County / Running Springs Water plan to unify GVL sewer with RS is proceeding – is in legal department.? When a concrete plan is worked out there will be a town hall meeting to explain the details.? No change in Fire is in the plan.? When all is complete there will be a vote by GVL.? Change in billing for Snow Valley is still in process.? Next meeting is 7:00pm October 4th at the GVL Church.

CSA Update 2/17/17

Jeff Rigney, the County Special Services Director, was at the 2/15 meeting as well as the usual CSA personnel. As a result of the discussion at the previous meeting regarding the proposed rate increase, a lot of revision was done to the proposal.
It turns out that the back-up generators DO NOT have to be replaced due to CARB regulations – they are given a yearly permit. There was no answer when CSA was asked if the generators would have been replaced if this wasn’t brought up.

Running Springs also revised their proposed contract from $250,000 to $217,000. (Currently $150,000).
Mr. Rigney explained that as a mere customer of Running Springs Water we have limited negotiating power over the contract. Other communities are set up as “Joint Power Authorities” so they have a seat at the table in negotiations like this. No one had an answer as to why this wasn’t done 40 years ago. It is possible to change this – Lewis Murray will check into it.
Arrowbear is actively arguing the proposed increase in a line-by-line rebuttal of the Running Springs proposal.

Using this information, as well as revising other cost estimates, the proposed increase was reduced to an 8% increase for 2018 and 2019, then a 7.5% increase for 2020, 2021 and 2022. (The original proposal was 11.5% for 2018-19, 10% for 2020, and 8% for 2021-22.)
So that comes to:

$71.03 for 2018
$76.72 for 2019
$82.47 for 2020
$88.65 for 2021
$95.30 for 2022

Currently we pay $65.77 (a month) Arrowbear residents pay about $35. Running Springs residents pay approx. $40.

Lewis Murray, County Supervisor’s Representative, presented his findings as to the possibility of GVL becoming a part of the Running Springs system (eliminating CSA 79). LAFCO is OK with it in principal, and Supervisor Rutherford is confident that the county could pay for the necessary reports. This leaves it up to Running Springs Water. Ron Pearne and other Board members are going to meet with the RS directors to discuss the plan. They were receptive to unification a few years ago, but that plan involved County Fire and property tax issues.

Letters from the County are in the mail outlining the rate increase, and have the information about written protests. You must send a signed letter with your GVL address or parcel number stating that you are the property owner and that you protest the CSA 79 rate increases. It must be received by April 4th – Mail to: Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, 385 N. Arrowhead Ave., 2nd Floor, San Bernardino, CA 92515-0130. More info: 760-955-9885. If over 50% of property owners protest the increase it will not be approved.

CSA 79 Update 6/6/2015

Saturday meeting was a success; about a dozen residents attended the Advisory Board meeting and stayed for the power point presentation by Steve Samaras.? CSA brought up the camera truck and had employees there to explain the operation.? The 5-year maintenance plan is proceeding?and the Ahwanee Project is complete except for the landscaping.? See photo below taken by Ron Pearne showing the tanks going in.

CSA 79 Update 4/2/2015

The construction of the Ahwanee Project has begun !!!? They will be installing 2 overflow tanks down by Cavalry Camp over the next 2 months so there will be some traffic disruption but it should be minimal.? The other sewer repairs have moved ahead to the extent that most of the Year One and Year Two repairs may be done by July.? A preliminary Contract meeting with Running Springs Water is scheduled for April 9th.? Steve Samaras will present all the repairs done to our system to reduce excess flow which should have a favorable impact on the discussions.? Some preliminary flow comparisons done by Steve show marked improvement.
The next meeting is the ANNUAL SUMMER SATURDAY MEETING – June 6th – 10am at the Community Center / Lilliberg Museum.? These meetings are scheduled for a Saturday with the hope that more property owners can attend. Steve Samaras will give an update on all the projects and the 5-year plan.? Supervisor Representative Lewis Murray will also be there. ?Please plan to attend !!!

CSA 79 Update 2/4/2015

The final contract for the Ahwahnee Project down by Calvary Camp is up for approval with the County Supervisors so the most likely start of the project is this May.?? Gary Martin of Special Services is overseeing the sewers repairs that have been identified in the 5 year plan – work will begin shortly.? Sections of pipe will be lined without having to dig up the pipe.? Several items were addressed to Lewis Murray, the representative for Supervisor Rutherford.? The heavy traffic problems around the holidays that impact emergency services, and the possibility of the county snow plows clearing the Fire Station and Mountain Disposal site (which is on County property).? The next meeting will be April first, and the Summer Saturday meeting is tentatively scheduled for June 6th.

CSA 79 Update – 10/2/14

At the 10/1/14 Meeting, the FIVE YEAR PLAN for repairs and maintenance was finally released!? Thanks to the tireless efforts of Ron Pearne and Roger Hulett,? County Special Districts?has finally put GVL on a front burner and set up a logical plan for repairing our ageing system.? Using the complete digital video that was done of the system, a priority list was developed for repairs.? About $140,000 a year has been allocated from the existing budget so no fee increase is expected.? You may have noticed that a major emergency repair has already been done near the public bathroom by the lake – this was an open line that was leaking water into the system, especially at times of high ground water.? Some estimates have indicated that this repair alone may decrease our leaking into the system by 20%.?? Most of the first year repairs will be near the lake, and will be done without digging up the pipe.
The Ahwanee Project continues to creep through the County bureaucracy – the pre-bid meeting with interested contractors is this morning (10/2) at Calvary Camp.? Realistically, the project will probably be started in the Spring.
The next CSA 79 meeting is scheduled fro Dec. 3rd at the Fire Station.


Update from May, 2014:

Good news!??? There will be NO sewer fee increase for the 2014-2015 fiscal year.?? Through a combination of projects coming in under budget and moving funds around,? CSA 79 has produced a budget that keeps the current fees for another year.
The manhole raising project is complete.??The cleaning/video of the system is done on the East end of town, and the rest is due for completion by the end of June.? So far, several problem areas gave been discovered, but overall?the condition of the sewer is better than expected.
The major construction project to expand the pump station holding capacity down by Calvary camp is proceeding on schedule – it is due for completion by the end of summer.
The recent heavy rain storm caused a severe spike in the inflow into the sewer, showing that the system must have openings that are taking in rain run-off.? This will be investigated, but residents can also check that any “clean-outs” are sealed,? and to check for any areas that might be funneling run-off into a sewer line.
The Advisory Committee is still investigating the possibility of forming our own sewer district in cooperation with Running Springs – there will be more info on this at the next meeting:? SATURDAY?, June 28th, 1:00pm, ,? AT THE COMMUNITY CENTER (LILLIBERG MUSEUM)

Pat Huckaby
CSA 79 Advisory Board


As of the special Saturday Advisory Board Meeting on 8/3/13.

We should all?thank the CSA 79 staff members who gave up their Saturday morning to come up to GVL for the meeting.? They make a concerted effort to carefully explain what projects are needed and where all the money goes.? All the money stays with CSA 79 – the County has no access to the money.? Everything is transparent – we have an old sewer system that needs work, and we’re required to pay Running Springs what they charge for treatment.
Also deserving of thanks is Lewis Murray from the County Supervisors office who attends and does the minutes of all the meetings.? He gives us a direct link to the Supervisors office.
The manhole cover repairs are in progress (that’s the steel plates that are on some of the streets). Soon to come will be more camera inspections.
A hitch has occurred in the Awanhee wet well project?near the Calvary Chapel Camp.???Based on previous discussions, CSA?assumed?that Camp management was OK with the underground tank being installed on their strip of land?on the West side of?the road.? However, Camp Director Jim Ramos says that Calvary Camp thought it was to be across the road on the East side, and do not want it on their side of the road.??Apparently, there was no written agreement between CSA and the camp, even though a lot of planning has already been done.? The only other feasible location at this point is closer to the stream bed which will cost us all (including the camp) an additional $90,000.? The board made a motion to have the Supervisors office contact Calvary Chapel?to discuss the situation – maybe they will change their minds if they see all sides of the issue.
Another issue being investigated?is the bill from Running Springs for repairs to their system.? Under our contract with Running Springs Water, GVL pays a percentage of repairs for their system.? There is some confusion over whether we are obligated to pay for repairs unrelated to the sections of the system that we use.? This should be resolved at the next meeting which is Wednesday, October 2, 2013 at 7:00pm.

Another Saturday meeting is being scheduled with a notice included in the bill for sometime in May – this will give people a chance to write a letter protesting the proposed rate increase.

-Pat Huckaby
CSA79 Advisory Board

CSA79 – UPDATE – April 4, 2013
The Advisory Board’s motion to move money from the Expansion Account has been successful –
The proposed increase has been reduced to 4 percent.

?Well, the bad news is that CSA79 is recommending that the Sewer Service charge go up 8 percent ($5.31 a month) for next year. This reflects the ongoing costs of the treatment plant upgrade (still being paid off), the new tank at the pumping station near Calvary Camp (who are being very cooperative about using their property), and the on-going manhole sealing and pipe lining projects. A lot of work will be going on this summer. The new tank project will begin and a new camera system will be inspecting the pipes. About half of the entire system will be video inspected this summer. The system has been divided into six different zones, and zone “F” over in the Meadow area has been selected as the first area for repair – the good news – the pipes in this section do not need relining. So the money budgeted will go to the sealing of the manholes. An effort is being made to combine the manhole project with Arrowbear and perhaps Running Springs to get a reduction in cost.

According to Michael Wildes, the Special Districts Budget Officer, this increase should build up the “Capital Improvements” and “Replacement Reserves” in the budget to the point that “Future rate increases … should only reflect inflationary factors”. In other words, this “should be” the last major (8%) increase for several years.

The Advisory Board noted that the “Expansion Reserve” ($96,000) in the budget really isn’t needed in GVL since there will be no expansion, but this is controlled by State law. It may be possible to free up some of this money by designating the Tank project an “expansion”; this is being investigated.

Michael Wildes (Budget Officer) can be contacted at 909-387-5938 or emailed atmwildes@sdd.sbcounty.gov.
Steve Samaras is the Operations Manager: ssamaras@sdd.sbcounty.gov. 760-955-9885
Lewis Murray is the Representative from Supervisor Rutherford’s office: Lewis.Murray@bos.sbcounty.gov.

A letter from the Special Districts Dept. will be mailed soon announcing the rate increase proposal; it will give the date of the Board of Supervisors public hearing as well as instructions on submitting a letter of protest

The current Advisory Board is Ron Pearne (Chairman), Roger Hewlett, Pat Huckaby, Jim Ramos, and Dr. Herb Gross (new).


Our sewer system was built in the 1970’s using a type of pipe that was thought to be “top of the line” but which has turned out to be somewhat fragile. The biggest issue is groundwater leaking into the system (INI) – groundwater that we end up paying Running Springs to treat as sewage. In 2017, Running Springs will be charging more for “excessive flow” – so to avoid this “penalty fee” for our leaking system, we have to do the manhole sealing and pipe relining projects to reduce the INI to normal levels. The fee increases over the last several years also reflect the required upgrade to the treatment plant and the new tank by Calvary Camp.